Geolocation-based augmented reality routes

Create a tour enriched with informative augmented reality content


Geolocation-based augmented reality maps and treasure hunts can be implemented for both the tourism and retail sectors.

They can be both exterior and interior:

  • The exteriors are based on geopositioning. So, the player has to go to precise points on the map to interact with augmented reality.
  • The interiors use geopositioning to take the player to the building of interest, for example a museum or a shopping center, and once there, it works by scanning QR or images.

Thanks to the 2iXR app, your audience will be able to enjoy the experience in an autonomous, safe and funny way playing, competing, meeting and sharing on social networks.

Motivate players with challenges and rewards


  • By interacting with geolocated or marker-based Augmented Reality elements that are superimposed on their real environment, the player triggers challenges such as: 
    • AR minigames,
    • Multi-choice questionnaires,
    • Word search,
    • Puzzles,
    • Actions in the real world
  • By completing the challenges, the player rises in the rankings and gets rewards such as gifts, prizes or discounts.

Do you want to create your own gymkhana with AR?

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