Create without programming a geolocated and gamified map or gymkhana with augmented reality



Create a narrative that will take your audience to walk around your town discovering its history, its culture, its famous people, its traditions, etc. in a different way. Insert characters and digital objects with which users will interact and build challenges that will encourage them to go through history.

If you have the resources to:


Create the narrative of the experience,

Create the 3D content that will appear in augmented reality,

And you can dedicate a few hours to creating the experience,

2iXR allows you to create, without programming, a fully personalized augmented reality experience

1/ Enter our 2iXR editor and create your experience

Our platform allows you to:

– draw places of interest on the Google map,

– associate 3D augmented reality content with which the player will have to interact,

– add historical / cultural contextual information in the form of text, audio or image,

– insert challenges such as questionnaires, augmented reality mini-games, surveys, …

– integrate game mechanics to make the experience even more fun.

2/ Publish your experience in the 2iXR app

The app is currently available on Google Play

3/ Access the statistics and analyze your KPIs

Get statistics of the participation, behavior and preferences of users.

Some tips for creating your 2iXR experience:

La narrativa en una experiencia geolocalizada con realidad aumentada

¿Cuales son las mecánicas de juego más usadas en experiencias geolocalizadas con AR?

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