Treasure Hunt “Bandolers i Cavallers”

“Bandolers i Cavallers” is a treasure hunt that allow the player to discover the village of l’ Espulga Calva in a playful way..

The customer

L’Espulga Calba City Hall (Lleida)

The City Hall need

To promote the village’s Order of St John castle among the residents of the region and tourists.


Taking advantage of the fact that the village has one of the few well-preserved castles of the Order of St John, in which one of the commanders of the Order lived for a while, a historical fiction adventure was created around Janet de Pira, one of the most famous bandits of the region in the 18th century, Ramon Despuig, the commander of the Order of St John who occupied the castle at that time, and Veciana, the founder of the Mossos d’Escuadra.

In this experience, the player plays the role of one of the militiamen in charge of the investigation of the robbery of the tax collection and a valuable relic belonging to the commander of the Order of St John. After receiving the instructions from the commander of the Mossos, he walks the streets of the village in search of clues. In each of the 60 geolocated points of the village, the player will be able to interact with some village’s inhabitants and meet challenges to advance in the adventure. Do you want to help Veciana catch Janet de Pira?


They have collaborated with 2iXR:
Coordinator: Josep Lluís Cots (Councilor for culture of the City Hall of L’Espluga Calba),
Historical documentation and script : Ramon Rebordosa.
BSO: Original composition of Heura Gaya, interpreted by Heura Gaya and Anna Puig.
Graphic design: Berri Antza.
Voice-over recording of the characters: Mariví Quesada (Les Borges TV)

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