Bring culture closer to young people by transforming your environment into an interactive playground



Share heritage, regional history, local culture, characters, places, traditions, art, etc. creating a geolocated, interactive and gamified tour with augmented reality

If you are looking for a technological solution to:


Facilitate access to culture by making it more attractive,

Offer sustainable tourism solutions by improving the experience of the neighbor and the visitor,

Offer your audience an impressive brand experience,

Use a new narrative format,


We offer you a quick solution to implement and in constant evolution

With the 2iXR app, your audience will enjoy culture while playing

Highlight your local culture in a story, create geolocated routes or gymkhanas and gamify them with augmented reality

Your experience on the 2iXR map

Users go to the points of interest in your story that appear on the app’s 2D and 3D maps.

Attract your target through challenges and rewards

At each point, the user finds geolocated augmented reality elements that allow him to::

    • unlock challenges (AR minigames, real world interactions, quizzes, ratings, opinions),
    • acquire knowledge,
    • earn rewards (points, badges, gifts, prizes, or discounts)
    • take photos of AR elements and share them on social networks.

Thanks to the 2iXR platform, you can create your experience easily and quickly

You don’t need to program.

Write your story or upload your audios, 3D characters or objects, choose which game mechanics you want to use and directly publish your experience in the 2iXR app.

If you don’t have the time or equipment to:

      • create the narrative,
      • generate the 3D content,
      • create the experience,

    we take care of everything

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