Augmented reality solutions for marketing


Improve your processes with our augmented reality solutions 


Make an impact with augmented reality experiences that generate engagement 

2iXR has a range of augmented and mixed reality solutions ideal for experiential marketing actions. With our immersive and interactive experiences, you will be able to capture new generations more easily, generate engagement and create an emotional bond. 


Innovate in your brand campaigns or products with:


      • augmented reality treasure hunts for geolocated street marketing actions or in-store actions,
      • augmented reality catalogs or AR try-on to speed up purchase decision-making both in physical stores and in e-commerce, or as a commercial tool at events and fairs,
      • augmented printed media to enrich the information of a product with augmented reality content,
      • immersive augmented reality screens for animations in shopping malls, events, etc
Animación en tienda con realidad aumentada


Advertise your brand or your products  


Organizing an augmented reality treasure hunt is fun:

  • as a street marketing action, for the consumer to discover information about a brand or for the launch of a product. In this gamified activity, the player faces different challenges in the form of multi-answer questions and mini-games,
  • such as an action at the point of sale for promotional actions where the user can win discounts and gifts to exchange or withdraw in stores, and enter raffles.



Accelerate the purchase decision


Having your augmented reality catalog allows consumers to discover the product virtually, placing its 3D hologram in any environment, and customize sizes, colors and finishes before deciding to buy it.

An AR catalog can be used both for professional machines and for consumer products (furniture, decorative objects, vehicles, etc.).

Compra con AR en ecommerce Photofavs
Probador Virtual con Realidad Aumentada


Reduce returns  


Implement an AR try-on in your store or e-commerce to allow your customers to virtually try on your products. Thanks to body-tracking technology, our fitting rooms can detect a user’s body as well as their movements and place a 3D representation of the product they select. When moved, the product remains as originally placed.

Augmented reality try-on can be created for any accessory from hats, glasses and jewelry to clothing, shoes or tattoos..

  • facilitates the customer’s purchase decision,
  • reduce returns.



Use packaging as a communication channel


Communicate about your brand, the origin of the product, its production process, or any other topic that is an added value for you.

By scanning the label or part of it, your customers will access this information in augmented reality at any time and from anywhere.

Augmented reality can also be applied to other printed media such as catalogs, magazines, brochures, business cards, etc


Generate engagement


Create animations in events, stores or shopping centers with interactive experiences on immersive screens. They will be unforgettable experiences for users.

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